Whether you’re the quiet technical fan who watches the player’s every move, the screaming at the TV and your mates, or the ‘I’m only here for the atmosphere’ with a cocktail in hand fan… there’s no better place to soak up the vibes and watch live sport.

From football to basketball, we’re showing it all and we’ve got epic drinks deals and street food to keep you fuelled too… Check out our list of fixtures below and be sure to book your table* in plenty of time so we can get the beers chilled and waiting for you.

*FYI table bookings for certain fixtures have a minimum spend associated with them.


03/03/23 20:00 Hull vs West Brom Football
03/03/23 20:00 St Helens vs Leeds Rhinos Rugby League
04/03/23 12:30 Man City vs Newcastle Football
04/03/23 17:30 Southampton vs Leicester Football
04/03/23 20:00 PSG vs Nantes Football
04/03/23 22:00 Wizards vs Raptors Basketball
05/03/23 12:00 St Mirren vs Celtic Football
05/03/23 14:00 Nottingham Forest vs Everton Football
05/03/23 18:00 Mavericks vs Suns Basketball
05/03/23 20:30 Lakers vs Warriors Basketball
07/03/23 20:00 Chelsea vs Dortmund Football
07/03/23 20:00 Club Brugge vs Benfica Football
08/03/23 20:00 Tottenham Hotspur vs AC Milan Football
08/03/23 20:00 PSG vs Bayern Munich Football
09/03/23 17:45 Roma vs Real Sociadad Football
09/03/23 17:45 Arsenal vs Sporting Football
09/03/23 20:00 Man United vs Real Betis Football
10/03/23 19:45 Spezia vs Inter Milan Football
11/03/23 12:30 Bournemouth vs Liverpool Football
11/03/23 14:15 Italy V Wales Rugby
11/03/23 16:15 England vs France Rugby
11/03/23 17:30 Crystal Palace V Man City Football
12/03/23 14:00 Fulham vs Arsenal Football
12/03/23 15:00 Scotland vs Ireland Rugby
12/03/23 16:30 Newcastle vs Wolves Football
14/03/23 20:00 Porto vs Inter Milan Football
14/03/23 20:00 Man City vs Leipzig Football
15/03/23 20:00 Real Madrid va Liverpool Football
15/03/23 20:00 Napoli vs Frankfurt Football
16/03/23 17:45 Man United vs Real Betis Football
16/03/23 20:00 Arsenal vs Sporting Football
17/03/23 20:00 Nottingham Forest vs Newcastle Football
18/03/23 12:30 Scotland vs Italy Rugby
18/03/23 14:25 France vs Wales Rugby
18/03/23 17:30 Chelsea vs Everton Football
19/03/23 12:00 Blackburn Rovers vs Burnley Football
19/03/23 14:00 Brighton & Hove Albium vs Man United Football
19/03/23 16:30 Man City vs West Ham Football

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